Islam and Democracy. Islam and Politics. USELESS

>> Wednesday, January 14, 2009


As I said before in my article here, the Muslim Ummah should not depend on any politician to do what needs to be done. Instead we must make dua. Dua is the only way to accomplish what needs to be done, asking Allah for help is better than asking anyone else. With Dua we should also cultivate and educate the people i.e. give dawah.
This past November we were happy that Obama won. But look at Obama now and you will see what the future holds when he does get into power. However before Obama, Muslims were rejoicing how great democracy was when Keith Ellison and Andre Carson were elected into congress. Now both these men failed to stand up for Gaza. Andre Carson voted in favor of H RES 34 and Keith Ellison voted "present". The resolution is basically "Recognizing Israel’s right to defend itself against attacks from Gaza, reaffirming the United States’ strong support for Israel, and supporting the Israeli-Palestinian peace process."
Muslims must recognize that politics, no matter what form it takes, democracy, communism, socialism, capitalism etc. is not the way to go forward. All these governmental and economic theories are just different forms of paganism. They either give one man ultimate power, the majority the supreme power or make people the slave of money. None of them put Allah first.
Now do not make the mistake of thinking that I am saying that we should completely pull away from society and live in our own bubble. Rather we should take part more in society and not just move from the bubble of separatism to the bubble of government. What I mean by take part in society is that we must create institutions such as schools, youth centers, orphanages etc. Educate the masses on who the Muslims are and what Islam is and most importantly educate everyone on what Islamic Tawheed is. On the individual level we can stand on street corners and preach Tawheed like the crazy christian who preaches "jesus loves you." We can write and start a letter campaign. Basically we must interact with the people and not just come out when there is an election, hostile actions against Muslims or some other one time event. Islam came to China not by Muslims taking part in Chinese politics or by the sword. Rather it came by trade, the Chinese saw Muslims were trustworthy salesman and then decided to learn more about Islam.
However if we still want to take part in politics we can. But politics is not the end because people's minds have been programmed to think a certain way. So much so that if we do have government positions we still will not be able to do anything. Organizations like CAIR take part in society and education as well as take part in politics (I plan on interning there so please make Dua I get the position). Also MAS, they encourage voting but at the same time create Quran institutions and youth centers. Both these institutions are involved in politics so they may use it as a tool to fight injustices against Muslims. But politics is just a tool to fight against oppression not a methodology to move forward. Know that the answer lies in Dawah and Dua. Once we change the mindset of the people then we can move forward as a people and be able to effectively support our brothers and sisters and end their suffering. InshAllah!