On the Election result and Tawakal.

>> Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Yes today I would like to take a break from giving you scholarly excerpts and give you a few of my words.

In The Words of The Ghazzali Blogger

I see tonight many Muslims very happy and chanting "Yes We Can." And it makes me angry! Eight years ago Muslims had the same stress filled election night hoping Bush would win because Gore had a Jewish Vice President. And when Bush was announced we all rejoiced. Now even with hindsight we do not see our mistake and we make the same mistake tonight. What is that mistake? We do not have Tawakal; Faith in Allah. Eight years ago we hoped Bush was to be president so that we would not be harmed, would have justice, and would not be persecuted against. Forgetting if Allah Willed us justice and safety, we would received them even if Gore was to pass away and Lieberman was to become President. But we did not have Tawakal and our own candidate passed one of the most injust laws ever to be passed in the modern world; the patriot act. Today we rejoice that McCain, who everyone says is the same person as Bush, did not win and that we brought a President of "Change." And again we forget change will not come unless Allah wills it. We should be humble and chant "No we cannot without Allah!!"

What each and everyone of you should do is say Alhamdulliah you recieved the candidate you wanted and pray that we gain justice and safety and that Allah (not Obama, not some democratic system, not the international hegemon) puts all our affairs into order for he is the best disposer of affairs. Hasbunallahu wa ni'mal-wakeel


Anonymous November 5, 2008 at 4:40 PM  


Why the anger?

Is that in line with the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad?

An accusatory tone does not help in conveying a message but instead expands the divide.

Why do we, Muslims, have to always seek out the divisive side of issues instead of the common and shared side of issues?!

There are different opinions on this issue and other issues in Islam and they're valid depending on where you are coming from.

A difference of opinion should be respected and discussed in a peaceful environment.

Our goal should be to bring the Muslim Ummah together and avoid falling prey to divisive discourse.



The Ghazzali Blogger November 5, 2008 at 10:35 PM  

I understand there are a difference of opinions on the issues. Hence if you notice I did not mention my view on voting. Personally I am not for it but I still encourage it for the sake of UNITY. But at the same time Muslims can't be sitting around for 4 years not pushing an agenda and then stress out during election year. We need to cultivate and educate our communities (Non-Muslim Neighbors).
This Article is NOT about if we should vote or not but rather that we should have more faith in Allah. And we should Thank Allah we received the candidate we wanted by making sujood and pushing our agendas and teaching people about our views on political issues for the next 4 years (for this is thankfulness to Allah). But Muslims have this disease of laziness and we don't do anything until we have an election.