Beyond Halal and Haram

>> Saturday, April 24, 2010

First I would like to apologize for not updating. Usually when I am writing an original blog and not taking from scholars I do take a much longer time to update. However I always choose to write original blogs when I am already extremely busy making my updates even more late.
Today's post has more to do with avoiding the doubtful and being spiritual and struggling and being for the hereafter. It does not have to do with fiqh.

My thoughts

Islam is simple, enjoy the good, forbid the evil and (what most people forget) avoid the doubtful. Many times we get engulfed in the idea of Halal and Haram of do’s and don’ts. However look beyond Halal and Haram. I see many people ask questions like, “Is it permissible to eat something that contains vanilla extract (or any ingredient that is in a grey area)” or if it is permissible to smoke and participate in events that might contain haram if they do not actually participate in the haram. They go do extensive research and go around to every Shaykh possible and gather anything they can find. My question is, was it worth the time?
Now some people may think it obviously is worth the time to find out about matters such as ingredients and to go to Shaykh after Shaykh to obtain any ruling available. But ask yourself something, do you really have to eat those cupcakes that have vanilla extract or do you really need to eat chicken from McDonalds? You can’t go make your own cupcakes or find another halal chicken place. Imagine if you found a great place to eat and you were eating there and then found out it was produced with an ingredient that there was some doubt about its permissibility. (And by doubtful we mean that some Shaykhs said it was halal, while others said it was haram.) Now imagine if you decide to give it up for the sake of Allah even though some Shaykhs said it was halal. Imagine the eating place Allah will give to you for giving up something that is doubtful because you chose the safer route. I believe this is what is meant by avoid the doubtful.
In short I would like to quote Abdul Kareem Yahyaa who wrote on his Facebook status which actually inspired me to write this, “Students keep asking me about food ingredients like vanilla extract, but I am more concerned about the ingrediants of my heart. O Turner of Hearts!”
May Allah make all of us strong enough to avoid the doubtful AMEEN (please make special dua for me because my favorite cupcake place – Dylan’s Candy Bar is doubtful and those cupcakes are REALLY good. Though their chocolate is Kosher.)


Dr. Israr Ahmed and Fajr Center

>> Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I am sure most of you heard but for thos eof you do not know the great scholar Dr. Israr Ahmed passed away yesterday. InshAllah may Allah have mercy on him and our duas go out to his family. For those of you who are not fimilair with his works he was the head of tanzeem-i-Islami in Pakistan. The American branch is called IONA. InshAllah you can find his books online and inshAllah those books with be his sadaqa jariya.

On another note I found a great Arabic learning center located in Cairo. It is called the fajr center the website is . what is great about this center is that it is CHEAP and provides housing. One level is $105 and housing is $90. Plus they pick you up and drop you to the airport (extra charges).

Anyways I do not have any readings to share and this month will be slow because I only share things I read. And well I need to read.