How to finish the Quran in 1 week

>> Sunday, August 23, 2009

Well I tried doing this last ramadan. ALhamdulliah I didn't finish it in one week because I had school and what not but because I kept this as my target I was able to finish the Quran in the month. Furthermore the 1st 3 days Alhamdulliah I kept on task. If you are on summer vacation (or at the end of it) or you're hoem all day try to follow this circulum. If not read atleast 20 pages a day and you will inshAllah finish the Quran in a month.

Day1. Fatihah-An Nisa 57
Day 2 Nisa 58 - Al-Araf 170
Day 3 Al-Araf 171- Hood (finish)
Day 4 Yusuf -Al Hajj (finish)
Day 5 Al Mu'minoon - Al Ahzab (finish)
Day 6 Saba - Al Fateh (finish)
Day 7 Al Hujurat - An Nas (finish)


thelegacymaker August 24, 2009 at 5:25 PM  

I know the Salaf would do this often and in even less time. I prefer to read with understanding, reflecting on each ayah before moving to the next. I find this to be very beneficial.