Big Announcement

>> Sunday, July 4, 2010


I still have to post up the blog about what Ahlul Sunnah means and Alhamdulilah that is ready. For now on inshAllah (and please make dua) I will at least update this blog 4 times a month with a minimum of 3 excerpts from books and one original piece by me at the end of the month. All the updates inshAllah will be on Wednesdays. I have a new system where I complete all 4 posts at the beginning of the month so I have the rest of the month to start the posts for next month. Now this does not mean that I will not have mroe than four posts a month. It just means I will definitely (inshAllah) have 4.

Furthermore follow me on twitter for I will be updating that quiet often now. The link to my twitter is . Make sure to follow me on there and check out all of today's tweets where I talk about my visit to the Bronx zoo. I took pictures of almost everything I saw.

Now for the biggest announcement is that I will now start a youtube channel. It will be a book review blog. However the name is misleading because I will be reviewing not only Islamic books but also classes offered by Islamic institutes, Islamic conferences and Islamic media (such as the CD's scholars sell). The channel is . However it is not setup so just put it in your favorites and subscribe to it.

See you soon!! InshAllah