Answering Questions on The Quran

>> Saturday, January 16, 2010

Many Muslims have been led astray by seemingly scholarly sites such as "answering-islam". These sites were made by evangelical Christians trying to show the "inconsistencies" in the Quran. In fact one of the Martial Arts teachers in the system I practice actually debated them. You can youtube "mrislamanswersback". Also you can youtube "The case for Islam vs. the Case for Christianity." Actually in the "Case for Islam vs. the Case for Christianity" you can actually see the Christian (Nabeel Qureshi who used to be an Ahmediyyah - who are NOT Muslims) bring out points about "inconsistencies in the Quran." Sensai Shadid did answer the Questions but could not elaborate because of time constraints. Furthermore Sensai Shadid was sticking to the 1st rule of debating which none of the Christians followed (in any of the debates and SPECIALLY in the Easter debates.) - STICK TO ONE MAIN POINT. Nor did the Christians STICK to the TOPIC let alone to one main point. And if you know anything about debating they kept making the same logical flaw; appealing to authority. Anyways for those looking for elaboration on the answers they can go to
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Dedicated to Sensai Shadid Lewis.