Subtle Points of Zakat Part 3

>> Saturday, November 14, 2009


In the Words of Imam Ghazzali

(5) Fifth Subtle Point
It is not to destroy charity by rebuke and giving trouble a charity. God says: Don't make your charity void by 'Mann' that giving trouble. There are differences of opinion for the meaning Mann. Some say that its meaning is to remind charity to receiver and that `Aza' means to disclose it. Sufiyan was as What is Mann? He replied: To remind it repeatedly and to di about it. Some say that its meaning is to take boast for giving charity and `Aza' means to drive him away and to rebuke by words. The Prophet said: God does not accept the charity of one who does 'Mann' Ghazzali explains it thus. Mann has got root and branches and it is expressed in tongue and limbs. The root of 'Mann' is to think oneself as the benefactor of one who receives charity. Rather the receiver should consider that he has shown kindness to the giver by accepting his charity, because he purifies the giver and gives him release from Hell fire. The charity of the i ver is to request the receiver. The Prophet said: Charity falls on Ole hand of God before it falls in the hand of a beggar. Now it appears that the giver places his charity first to God and then the beggar receives it from God. 'Mann' comes in when the giver understands that he has done some benefit to the receiver of charity. So the meaning of 'Mann' is to discuss about charity, so disclose it and to hope to get from the receiver gratefulness, prayer, service, honour and to wish that he should be followed in his actions. These are the secret meanings of 'Mann'.
'Aza' means to rebuke, to use harsh word and to humiliate the receiver of charity. Its secret meaning is unwillingness to withdraw hand from wealth, to think to give charity as troublesome. Secondly, it means that the giver thinks himself Superior to the receiver and thinks him inferior for his wants. I I unwillingness to give charity is sign of foolishness, because who IN more foolish than one who is reluctant to spend one dirham in lieu of one thousand dirhams in the next world? It appears from Ibis that the object of charity and expense is to get the pleasure of God and to get merits in the next world. The pious men among die rich will go to Paradise five hundred years after the pious poor men. For this reason, the Prophet said: By the Lord of the Kaba, they are undone. Abu Zarr asked: Who are undone? He .aid: 'Those who have got much wealth.' Then how can the poor he held in contempt?
God keeps the rich only for the poor, because the poor earn their livelihood by their industry, increase their provisions and preserve them with difficulties. The rich give charity according to the to the requirements of the poor and guard the excess wealth. So think the rich are servants for the livelihood of the poor. These are clip conditions of charity and Zakat. This is like God-fear in prayer.
The following Hadis establishes it. The Prophet said: There is prayer for a man except what he understands therefrom. He sai God does not accept the charity of one who gives trouble to t receiver. God says: Don't make your charity void by mentioning and by giving trouble.