Text message divorce?

>> Friday, April 10, 2009

Okay so most of you know I have certain complaints against my beloved Arab brothers like a woman has complaints against her husband, but like the woman who still loves her husband, I still love my Arab brothers. One of those complaints is that they claim Islam is in their blood and they have the "pure" Islam and then they do this...
InshAllah May Allah Guide and help us ALL.


RIYADH (Reuters) - A Saudi man has divorced his wife by text message, a newspaper said Thursday.

The man was in Iraq when he sent the SMS informing her she was no longer his spouse. He followed up with a telephone call to two of his relatives, the daily Arab News reported.

A court in the Red Sea city of Jeddah finalized the split -- the first known divorce in Saudi Arabia by text message -- after summoning the two relatives to check they had received word of the husband's intention, the paper said.

Saudi Arabia practices a strict form of Islamic Sharia law, and clerics preside over Sharia courts as judges. Under the law a man can divorce his wife by saying "I divorce you" three times.

The Saudi man was in Iraq to participate in "what he described as 'jihad'," according to the Arab News. Many Saudis have gone to fight with al Qaeda militants against the Iraqi government and U.S. forces.

(Reporting by Asma Alsharif)