The 1st Word - Bismillahirahmaniraheem

>> Thursday, September 25, 2008

I'm taking a break from the signs of the learned men, (just like I did last post.) but this time I am also taking a break from Imam Ghazzali. Today I would like to bring you the 1st word from The Words by Bediuzzaman Said Nursi from his masterwork Risale-i Nur. The 1st word is what I actually start ALL my posts with and that is Bismillahirahmaniraheem.

In the Words of Bediuzzaman Said Nursi



And from Him do we seek help
All praise be to God, the Sustainer of All the Worlds,
and blessings and peace be upon our master Muhammed,
and on all his Family and Companions.

[Brother! You wanted a few words of advice from me. So listen to a few truths included in eight short stories, which since you are a soldier, are in the form of comparisons of a military nature. I con­sider my own soul to need advice more than anyone, and at one time I addressed my soul at some length with Eight Words inspired by eight verses of the Qur'an from which I had benefited. Now I shall address my soul with these same Words, but briefly and in the language of ordinary people. Whoever wishes may listen to­gether with me.]

The First Word

Bismillah, In the Name of God, is the start of all things good. We too shall start with it. Know, 0 my soul! Just as this blessed phrase is a mark of Islam, so to it is constantly recited by all beings through their tongues of disposition. f you want to know what an inexhaustible strength, what an un-ending source of bounty is Bismillah, listen to the following story which is in lie form of a comparison. It goes like this: Someone who makes a journey through the deserts of Arabia has to travel in the name of a tribal chief and enter under his protection, for in this way he may he saved from the assaults of bandits and secure his needs. On his own he will perish in the face of innumerable enemies and needs. And so, two men went on such a journey and entered the desert. One of them was modest and humble, the other proud and conceited. The humble man assumed the name of a tribal chief, while the proud man did not. The first travelled safe­ly wherever he went. If he encountered bandits, he said: "I am travelling in the name of such-and-such tribal leader," and they would not molest him. If he came to some tents, he would be treated respectfully due to the name. But the proud man suffered such calamities throughout his journey that they can­not be described. He both trembled before everything and begged from everything. He was abased and became an object of scorn.

And so, my proud soul! You are the traveller, and this world is a desert. Your impotence and poverty have no limit, and your enemies and needs are endless. Since it is thus, take the name of the Pre-Eternal Ruler and Post-Eternal Lord of the desert and be saved from begging before the whole uni­verse and trembling before every event.

Indeed, this phrase is a treasury so blessed that your infinite impotence and want hind you to an infinite power and mercy; it makes that impotence and want a most acceptable intercessor at the Court of One All-Powerful and Compassionate. The person who acts saying, "In the Name of God," re­sembles someone who enrolls in the army. He acts in the name of the gov­ernment; he has fear of no one; he speaks, performs every matter, and with­stands everything in the name of the law and the name of the government. At the beginning we said that all beings say, "In the Name of God" through the tongue of disposition. Is that so? Indeed, it is so. If you were to see that a single person had come and had driven all the inhabitants of a town to a place by force and compelled them to work, you would be certain that he had not acted in his own name and through his own power, but that he was a soldier, acting in the name of the government and relying on the power of a king. In the same way, all things act in the name of Almighty God, for minute things like seeds and grains bear huge trees on their heads; they raise loads like mountains. That means all trees say: "In the Name of God," fill their hands from the treasury of Mercy, and offer them to us. All gardens say: "In the Name of God," and become cauldrons from the kitchens of Divine Pow­er in which are cooked numerous varieties of different foods. All blessed an­imals like cows, camels, sheep, and goats, say: "In the Name of God," and become fountains of milk from the abundance of Mercy, offering us a most delicate and pure food like the water of life in the name of the Provider. The roots and rootlets, soft as silk, of all plants, trees, and grasses, say: "In the Name of God," and pierce and pass through hard rock and earth. Mentioning the name of God, the name of the Most Merciful, everything becomes sub­jected to them.

Indeed, the roots spreading through hard rock and earth and producing fruits as easily as the branches spread through the air and produce fruits, and the delicate green leaves retaining their moisture for months in the face of extreme heat, deal a slap in the mouths of Naturalists and jab a finger in their blind eyes, saying: "Even heat and hardness, in which you most trust, are under a command. For, like the Staff of Moses, each of those silken root­lets conform to the command of, And We said, 0 Moses, strike the rock with your staff,' and split the rock. And the delicate leaves fine as cigarette paper recite the verse, 0 fire be coolness and peace2 against the heat of the fire, each like the members of Abraham (UWP).

Since all things say, "In the Name of God," and bearing God's bounties in God's name, give them to us, we too should say, "In the Name of God." We should give in the name of God, and take in the name of God. And we should not take from heedless people who neglect to give in God's name.

Question: We give a price to people, who are like tray-bearers. So what price does God want, Who is the true owner?

The Answer: Yes, the price the True Bestower of Bounties wants in re­turn for those valuable bounties and goods is three things: one is remem­brance, one is thanks, and one is reflection. Saying, "In the Name of God" at the start is remembrance, and, "All praise be to God" at the end is thanks. And perceiving and thinking of those bounties, which are valuable wonders of art, being miracles of power of the Unique and Eternally Besought One and gifts of His mercy, is reflection. However foolish it is to kiss the foot of a lowly man who conveys to you the valuable gift of a king and not to rec­ognize the gift's owner, to praise and love the apparent source of bounties and forget the True Bestower of Bounties is a thousand times more foolish.

O my soul! If you do not wish to be foolish in that way, give in God's name, take in God's name, begin in God's name, and act in God's name.