‘al-I'tidaal Fee Sayyid Qutb’ Q&A with Shaykh Al-Albani

>> Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Recently my beloved salafiyyah brothers have been attacking my beloved Ikhwani brothers and I tried to find a middle ground. However I could not help but notice that a lot of the accusations against the Ikhwani brothers seemed forged. Then when I searched and I found what Shaykh Al-Albani (a salafiyyah scholar) said about Sayyid Qutb (who most of the salafiyyah brothers attack today). And now my question to my salafiyyah brothers is - do you not read your own scholars?

InshAllah I'll be also posting up Shaykh Jibreen's (who was in the Permanent Committee for Islamic Research and Fataawa in Saudi Arabia) fatwa on Sayyid Qutb and Shaykh Rabee, who always attacks Sayyid Qutb, later.

The following was recorded on a tape by Abi Lailatal Athari and it is commonly sold under the title,
‘al-I'tidaal Fee Sayyid Qutb’. The date of the recording is 1st of Rabi' al Awwal 1414H – 9th
December 1993.

Shaykh Al-Albani rahimuhullah interview

Questioner: (Alleges that Sayyid Qutb pronounced everyone a ‘Kafir’ –

Al-Albani: ‘We do not know this about him. Rather he has composed words
during his stay in prison which are akin to inspiration.

Questioner: Sayyid Qutb claimed that the Ummah lives in a state of Jahiliyyahh
which is worse than the first state of Jahiliyyahh. He has also claimed that the
Masajids are akin to the temples of Jahiliyyahh and that Islam does not apply to
such societies. I heard this myself, Shaykh.

Al-Albani: Have you been to Egypt?

Questioner: No, I have not.

Al-Albani: He is an Egyptian. He is describing what he has seen in the likes of
mosques in Egypt such as Sayyida Zaynab, Sayyid Badawi, etc.

Questioner: Are all mosques in Egypt like that?

Al-Albani: No. I do not say all mosques are like that and neither does Sayyid
Qutb. Rather, he is giving a general statement.

Questioner: Did you comment that ‘Ma’alim fil-Tareeq’ (Milestones) is about
Tawheed (monotheism) written in a modern way?

Albani: I say that there is a chapter in this book which is of great benefit,
called ‘La ilaha illallah minhaj hayah’. That is what I am saying and as I have said
before, Sayyid Qutb is not a scholar but rather he has written some words
which I believe are like light from light ilham (inspiration) including the
chapter ‘Way of Life’. A large number of Salafees have not adopted what the chapter ‘Way of Life’ discusses. ‘Milestones’ has many interesting points and


'abdur Rahmaan September 26, 2011 at 7:12 AM  

In the Name of Allaah, the Most Merciful, Bestower of Mercy, and may the Peace and Blessing be upon Muhammad, his family, his companions and all of those who follow him in righteousness until the Last Day.

Out of all my readings of shaykh al-albaanee (may Allaah make his grave spacious and grant him jannatul firdaws al-'alaa), I have never seen him call anyone "sayyida" other than Muhammad (Allaahumma salli wa sallam 'alaa nabiyyina Muhammad).

Anonymous October 13, 2011 at 1:35 PM  

Have you been to egypt? Sayyida Aisha and Sayyida Zainab are famous masjids in egypt. if you find yourself in egypt taking public transport, you would have to say sayyida Aisha to the bus driver. its a famous bus stop in Cairo.